Photo Viewing Tips

Cat Colors and Patterns in Infrared

Most surveillance cameras use infrared night vision, which appears black and white.  Your cat might not look how you expect in infrared.  For example, orange cats often appear white and black cats may have spots or stripes.  

Orange Cats in Infrared

Orange cats may appear bright white or light gray in infrared light.  If a tabby, their stripes may not be visible.  This also applies to the orange fur on tortoiseshell and calico cats.  

Orange cat in infrared

This orange tabby cat appears all white on an infrared wildlife camera night photo.

Dark orange tabby in infrared

This orange tabby cat appears light gray in infrared night vision.

Tortoiseshell Cat in Infrared Night Vision

A tortoiseshell or calico cat will appear as white, gray and black in a infrared photo.

Black Cats in Infrared

Black cats may appear dark or light gray in infrared photos.  But some black cats will have stripes or spots.  This happens when a black cat is really a black on black tabby.  This pattern is often not visible to the naked eye, but may be visible in bright sunlight.